Constituency questions- Sunbury electorate Schools

Mr J. BULL (Sunbury) — (12 552) My question is to the Treasurer. The 2017–18 Victorian budget includes significant funding for two fantastic schools in my electorate, Diggers Rest Primary School and Sunbury Downs College. How do these investments build on other investments in education made through the 2016–17..

Members statements- Sunbury Downs College

Mr J. BULL (Sunbury) — We promised to make Victoria the Education State, and we are getting on with the job. I was absolutely delighted to join principal Maria Oddo, senior staff and students last Wednesday at Sunbury Downs College to announce a massive $3.92 million to upgrade and..

Members statements- Diggers Rest Primary School

Mr J. BULL — In further great news, the community of Diggers Rest was thrilled to learn that the primary school will be receiving $151 000 to modernise the school. On Saturday I had the great opportunity to share this news, doorknocking a number of streets and talking..

Members statements- Police numbers

Mr J. BULL — I am also very pleased that we will begin to see the first of 300 frontline police officers on our streets. Of these, 89 new police officers will be deployed in the Fawkner division of Victoria Police. Thirty-six of these officers will be assigned..

Members statements- 2017 Budget

Mr J. BULL (Sunbury) — This government is getting on with the job, as evidenced by today’s outstanding budget handed down by the Treasurer. I welcome the continuation of the Growing Suburbs Fund for the Northern Hospital upgrade of $162 million, planning money for the Bulla bypass, the Calder..

Members statements- Diggers Rest Primary School

Mr J. BULL — The Andrews Labor government promised to make Victoria the education state and it is doing exactly that by building and upgrading a record number of schools so that every child has a chance to succeed. I am so very proud that as part..

Members statements- Sunbury Downs College

Mr J. BULL — In other great news today, I am thrilled that Sunbury Downs College will receive $3.92 million to upgrade and modernise the school. This is great news for a school that my brother and sister went to, a school that my mum taught at and a..

Family Violence Protection Amendment Bill 2017

Mr J. BULL (Sunbury) — I am pleased to rise to speak on the Family Violence Protection Amendment Bill 2017. Before I go to the bill, I just have one thing to say to the previous speaker, and that is 3135. That is the number of police..

Ports and Marine Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

Mr J. BULL (Sunbury) — I am very pleased to have the opportunity to speak in favour of the Ports and Marine Legislation Amendment Bill 2017. I should also declare that I hold a marine licence with a personal watercraft endorsement and that I thoroughly enjoy my..

Members statements- SunFest 2017

Mr J. BULL — Last Saturday and Sunday Sunbury was again at its best with the SunFest festival. With the sun shining and thousands of people strolling the village green and surrounding streets, this was a truly great event. There were rides, show bags, pop-up stalls, a..

Members statements- Sunbury Downs College debutante ball

Mr J. BULL — On another matter — oh, what a night! — though rather than taking place in late December back in 1963 it was last Friday at the Melrose Melbourne reception centre in Tullamarine. It was a genuine honour and privilege to attend the 25th debutante ball of..

Members Statements- State Emergency Service Sunbury unit

Mr  J. BULL (Sunbury) — Not all superheroes wear capes; some wear bright orange. I was lucky enough to meet with some local heroes of the community when I dropped by the Sunbury State Emergency Service (SES) unit last week. This year marks the 40th year of dedicated..

Constituency questions- Victorian Industry Participation

Mr  J. BULL (Sunbury) — (12 443) My question is to the Minister for Industry and Employment, and I ask the minister: what is the Andrews Labor government doing to strengthen the Victorian Industry Participation Policy, improve opportunities for local suppliers and ensure that commitments to local content..

Constituency questions- Sunbury electorate

Mr  J. BULL (Sunbury) — (12 414) My question is to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and I ask: what benefits should residents in the Sunbury electorate expect from recent changes to the minimum solar feed-in tariff? These are important changes and I know that..

Adjournment- Women in sport

Mr  J. BULL (Sunbury) — (12 392) Deputy Speaker, I do not think I have had the opportunity to say congratulations on your election. I am sure you will do an outstanding job. My adjournment matter is for the attention of the Minister for Sport, and the action..

Constituency questions- Multicultural policy, Victorian. And Proud of It

Mr J. BULL (Sunbury) — (12 370) Congratulations, Speaker, on your election to the position of Speaker. I am sure you will do an outstanding job. My question is to the Minister for Multicultural Affairs. How can the Andrews Labor government’s new multicultural policy, Victorian. And Proud of..

Members statements- Penalty rates

Mr  J. BULL — The Leader of the Opposition and the Victorian Liberal Party should hang their heads in shame after this week confirming what we have always known: they will never, ever support working people. The Deputy Leader of the Opposition confirmed this week that he..