Sunbury railway station car parking – Members Statements

Mr J. BULL — Last week I had the great pleasure of joining the Minister for Public Transport to confirm more car parking for commuters in my electorate. The announcement follows $60 million from the Victorian budget to allocate over 2000 additional car parks at metropolitan stations. The current deck at the Sunbury station will be extended by adding an additional level and making it quicker and easier to drive to the station and catch the train. We expect this will deliver over 300 new spaces, with construction to commence in 2019.

There are people who like to make a lot of noise talking about issues but never make any real move to fix them, and then there is our government. We take the problems and get on with fixing the issues at hand. I am very pleased to have been advocating strongly, alongside Sunbury residents, for these spaces. I would like to thank the minister and of course all locals who spoke to me about this issue.