Sunbury electorate government achievements

Mr  J. BULL (Sunbury) — This Sunday, 29 November, marks the one-year anniversary of the Andrews Labor government, and what a first year it has been. This government is committed to getting on with delivering the things Victorians voted for and repairing the damage done by those opposite. There have been many achievements across the state, but I only have 90 seconds to speak — less now — so I will focus on local achievements.

These include $10 million for new sound barriers at Gowanbrae; $3 million for a new science wing at Sunbury College, as per our election commitment; $2 million of additional equity funding for schools in the Sunbury electorate; $2.3 million to upgrade Riddell Road, one of Sunbury’s major arterial roads; reinstating a 100-kilometre-an-hour speed limit on an outbound section of the Calder Freeway from Keilor to Taylors Lakes; $1.1 million into local schools throughout Sunbury for important maintenance work; the first ever youth advisory council in Sunbury’s history; $12 000 in new funding for Sunbury West Primary School that will allow the school to develop an outdoor exercise space on the school grounds; $15 000 for a final design for the Gap Road and Horne Street intersection; the extension of Airport Drive, giving more options to get into the airport; important local community forums on the prevention of family violence; ambulance services in Sunbury; public transport in Sunbury; accepting in full the recommendations of the Sunbury Hume transition auditors report, preventing Sunbury ratepayers from receiving an increase of 14.5 per cent and 8.5 per cent rate rises every year after that; as well as $70 000 for an additional student wellbeing officer at Sunbury College.

Happy anniversary to all members on this side of the house.