Members statements – Sunbury community kitchen

Mr J. BULL — On 21 September I had the great privilege of attending the second birthday of the Rotary Club of Sunbury Family Community Kitchen. I was thrilled to be joined by Catherine Andrews and her and the Premier’s wonderful children Noah, Grace and Joseph. The community kitchen is a Rotary Club of Sunbury program founded by Neil and Marianne Williams, members of the Rotary club and owners of local business N & M Catering. N & M Catering is a great local business, and I fondly recall, especially as a child, attending a number of parties catered by N & M.

From small beginnings with only a handful of volunteers and a small number of patrons, today the kitchen has grown to accommodate more than 100 people each week and has a positive atmosphere. The meals provided are free and are cooked by dedicated volunteers supported by the Rotary Club of Sunbury. The kitchen also provides valuable community and social time for those in the community at risk of isolation. The look of warmth and joy on the faces of volunteers and patrons is incredible and shows that nothing beats good, strong community spirit.

I was especially touched by a gentleman who decided to volunteer because as a child, in his words, he ‘grew up hungry’ without much food. No-one in our community should go hungry, and by warming bellies the Sunbury community kitchen is warming hearts. I thank the community kitchen and the Rotary Club of Sunbury for having us along, and I very much look forward to visiting again soon.