Diggers Rest Primary School

Mr J. BULL (Sunbury) — On Wednesday, 17 December 2014, I had the great pleasure of attending carols by candlelight at Diggers Rest Primary School. It was not the first time I had been to the Diggers Rest carols, as many years ago I attended as a child when my mum, Lesley, worked at the school as an integration aide. The event was extremely well attended, and despite the unseasonal chilly December weather everyone was in fine spirits and had their best singing voices on.

The current enrolment at Diggers Rest Primary School is around 90 students, which makes it a relatively small school for the area. But the talent pool at Diggers Rest Primary School was certainly not small that night, with carols sung by students from prep all the way up to grade 6. The performances were outstanding. It was great to see the look on the faces of parents and friends as students belted out the carols and celebrated what had been a great year of work at Diggers Rest Primary School.

I would like to thank all the staff, the parents and especially the students for having me along to the carols. I congratulate them on their wonderful effort. The motto of Diggers Rest Primary School is ‘Where individuals matter’, and it is clear that the staff and the school leadership worked very hard to encourage students to do their best. I particularly acknowledge the school principal, Rachelle Hedger, for all her work at the school and within the small but very close-knit community of Diggers Rest. Well done, Diggers Rest Primary School. I look forward to visiting you again soon.