Constituency questions – Sunbury sports grounds

Mr J. BULL (Sunbury) (11:52:01) — (14 580) My question is for the Minister for Sport. What is the latest information on the application to the country football and netball program for the creation of outdoor netball courts at the John McMahon reserve in my electorate? On numerous occasions I have had the opportunity to meet with the East Sunbury Thunder, who are a fantastic local club in my electorate, a club who are relatively new. It has grown rapidly over the past few years. The netball side is currently training on the car park at this reserve. This project will provide opportunities for training and matches to be played at the East Sunbury Netball Club. We know that Victorians love their sport on each and every weekend. Both in my electorate and right across the state we know that there are many local sporting champs out strutting their stuff. I understand the project will include a new netball court, lighting and a whole range of services for the court, and I ask the minister for the latest information on the application.