Constituency questions – Diggers Rest Recreation Reserve

Mr J. BULL (Sunbury) (12:01:36) — (14 502) My question is for the Minister for Sport. What is the latest information on the application for the Diggers Rest Recreation Reserve oval 1 sports lighting project? I understand that this application to the country football and netball program involves the removal of the current non-compliant sports field lighting and the construction of new lighting. I am very familiar with this area, having spent a number of years training and playing at the recreation reserve, and I know the importance of the lighting upgrade. Local players, club staff and supporters love their club. They work hard each and every week to make it as successful as it can be and are well-respected and well-regarded in the community. Sport and recreation are integral to many Victorians. Some 3.9 million Victorians, over 65 per cent of the population, participate in sport or active recreation each and every week. This government is investing in sport to ensure that things are fair and that no-one gets left behind.