Constituency questions – Defib grants

Mr J. BULL (Sunbury) (12:02:41) — (14 762) My question is for the Minister for Sport. Minister, what is the latest information on applications from the Diggers Rest Bowling Club and Sunbury Bowling Club on the next round of the Andrews Labor government’s round 5 defibrillators for sporting clubs and facilities program? This program is delivering over 1000 defibrillators to clubs right across Victoria, a promise we made prior to the last election. I understand there has been a record uptake of this program, and each and every club knows how important defibs are. In a life-threatening sudden cardiac arrest we know that every second counts. Bystanders play a vital role because the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest decreases by 10 per cent every minute that passes without defib. These are wonderful machines. They save lives and enable the community to play a leading role in people’s treatment. I commend this program and look forward to the minister’s response.