Adjournment Debate – Jacksons Hill Master Plan

Mr J. BULL (Sunbury) (19:15:04) — (14 406) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Creative Industries. The action I seek is for the minister to visit my electorate and meet with the Sunbury Community Arts Network to discuss the brand-new arts precinct to be formed at Jacksons Hill. We are very fortunate in Sunbury to have such a vibrant and passionate arts community, and the $3 million allocated in this year’s budget will go a long way to redeveloping this important area. The arts centre will be the first of its kind and will rejuvenate the old boiler house on the former Victoria University site.

We have a proud history in Sunbury, and I am delighted that this funding will, thanks to the Andrews Labor government, open the next chapter on what is a very important site for the local community. For years this site had no plan, no vision and no funding, but this budget changes all of that. I was thrilled to speak to members of the Sunbury Community Arts Network on budget day and hear their delight that their hard work, their advocacy and their support over many years has been rewarded. My office has had a number of calls and emails about how excited many in the community are about this new vision and new future for the hill.

I want to take the opportunity to thank the Minister for Planning for the work that has been done thus far. I am thrilled we are taking decisive action to acquire the site, which will allow us to enact the master plan.