Members statements- Neil Hendrickson

Mr  J. BULL (Sunbury) (13:49:02) — It is with a very heavy heart that I rise to speak on the passing of Neil Hendrickson. Neil was a life member of the ALP, 71 years in fact. His wife, Pam, was also greatly involved at a branch level. Neil joined the party in 1946, while still at school. Coming from a political family, with his father Bert being a senator for Victoria from 1947 to 1971, Neil joined the North Caulfield branch at just 16 years of age, and not long after became the secretary of the branch. He was a campaign director for several candidates as well as president, secretary and treasurer. In 1987 Neil was made an ALP life member, and Pam followed shortly after in 1990. Neil never thought of his work as being hard work, as it was something that he and Pam believed in and were deeply passionate about.

Neil had thoughts of standing for the Senate in 1971, but knowing how much time public life requires he decided to keep his job at the Commonwealth Bank. Neil believed he was away from home enough, and he did not want to give up any more time that he could spend with his kids and family.

Neil’s son Peter is just as involved as his father and grandfather were. Peter has been a loyal party member for many years and has served the state as a fantastic school principal of Sunbury College and many other schools throughout the north. My thoughts and prayers are with the Hendrickson family; they have my deepest condolences.