Mr J BULL (Sunbury) (19:03:19): (355) My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Local Government. The action I seek is for the minister to visit my electorate to see firsthand the wonderful work completed and underway from the Andrews Labor government’s Growing Suburbs Fund.

This fund has been very important to the Sunbury electorate. This is an electorate of course which is growing and which is requiring considerable investments in infrastructure each and every year. There are considerable benefits in fast‑tracking local projects in growing areas.

That is why this government is proud of our record of delivery and proud of getting things done and delivering for all Victorians. I am thrilled that since we came to government in November 2014 we have been able to deliver funds to some great local projects. There is the Sunbury global learning centre, which is due to open later on this year. Mr Richardson interjected. Mr J BULL: It is a terrific project, member for Mordialloc.

The Boardman Reserve upgrade is another terrific local project. The Sunbury Lawn Tennis Club and the laneways restoration down O’Shannassy and Evans Street are outstanding projects. These are all possible because this fund strikes a great local partnership with Hume City Council and is only possible because of tireless advocacy from the local community.

The Andrews Labor government invests in and develops our growing communities, providing local jobs, new facilities and new opportunities, and the Growing Suburbs Fund is vital to all of these streams. It is terrific for our local community, and I look forward to the minister’s visit.