Is your gas heater safe – be sure

Josh Bull MP is urging everyone in Sunbury, Diggers Rest, Tullamarine and Gladstone Park to protect themselves from carbon monoxide poisoning by getting their open flued gas heaters serviced by a licensed gasfitter. 

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause long term chronic health issues. It can also kill. Tragically, in 2017, Greensborough grandmother Sonia Sofianopoulos died of carbon monoxide poisoning in her home. In 2010, two young brothers, Chase and Tyler Robinson were also killed by carbon monoxide in regional Victoria 

Since the tragic deaths of the Robinson boys, Energy Safe Victoria has run a statewide awareness campaign, calling on Victorians to get their gas heaters serviced at least once every two years,” Josh said. 

Servicing must be carried out by a licensed gasfitter, one endorsed in Type A appliance servicing work.”  

Given that many people are at home, its important that you don’t try to service yourself. Gasfitters carry out an essential service and are permitted to carry out domestic work. They can attend at your home to service your gas heater. 

In addition to servicing, other simple steps that will reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning include: 

  • don’t leave your heater on overnight or for long period 
  • make sure there is fresh air flowing through the room when your heater is on 
  • don’t run exhaust fans such as the kitchen rangehood or the bathroom fan at the same time as the heater 
  • never bring outdoor heaters inside for use in your home. 

Take steps to ensure you and your household are safe from carbon monoxide. For more information visit